Adventure Hunts

New Program Element for TYHP: Adventure Hunts!

Adventure Hunts are advanced hunting opportunities designed for older hunters (age 13-17) with previous hunting experience in TYHP. Adventure Hunts feature chances to learn and apply advanced hunting skills such as stalking and calling, and many employ more primitive sporting arms such as bows and muzzleloaders. During Adventure hunts the focus will be on hunting actively rather than passively, making things happen rather than waiting for opportunity. More challenge will yield greater skills, rewards, and lifelong memories.


  • Ages 13 – 17
  • Previous participation in TYHP hunt(s)
  • Additional fees may apply (e.g. non-resident licenses in other states)
  • Youth must earn points through outreach efforts to guarantee a spot on an adventure hunt

The table below spells out the Adventure Hunt Point System and requirements for eligible tasks and events (click on it to display a larger image).  You may also print it from this link: TYHP Adventure Hunt Point System – pdf format

What To Expect

Education is always a priority on all TYHP events. In the case of Adventure hunts, participants will be shown a variety of advanced techniques and skills including wilderness camping, animal behavior, animal habitat requirements, primitive sporting arms, backcountry survival, and many more!

The majority of these hunts will continue to take place in Texas, but we will also have opportunities to hunt in other states for a wide variety of exciting North American wildlife, including elk, bear, pronghorn and deer. In those cases additional license fees may apply. As with all TYHP events, mentors will be provided on Adventure Hunts to help you learn.

Begin earning points now, and watch the Hunt Calendar as we add Adventure Hunts for 2019/2020. The TYHP staff will be happy to help you coordinate your Adventure Hunt point activities and earn points; for assistance or if you have any questions about the Adventure Hunts program please contact us at [email protected] .

Below is a list of both planned and potential events where you may volunteer to help out (click on it to display a larger image). Important: please coordinate with the listed TYHP staff member. We will update this list periodically, but feel free to find your own events or contact TYHP for other opportunities.