Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of experience can we expect from attending a TYHP hunt?

Please watch our video to fully understand what you can experience at a TYHP hunt:

How much does it cost to attend a TYHP hunt?

The cost for youth hunter and accompanying adult is normally $150. Some of our hunts will vary in price if they are shorter (i.e. 2-day dove hunt) or if it is an out of state Adventure Hunt that requires any tags or permits from another state. Scholarships are available for any youth hunter that needs assistance through the office or our volunteer Huntmasters.

How are the hunters selected to go on TYHP hunts?

TYHP gives priority to new hunters. After we select new hunters we fill spaces with hunters who have the least number of hunts with TYHP. If you have attended several hunts we recommend you participate in the Adventure Hunt Program.

Why does my child need the Hunter’s Education course if he/she is with an adult who is certified?

TYHP requires completion of Hunter Education to participate. The program is an extension of Hunter Education. Youth get to put into practice what they learned in the classroom. And additional consideration is that our host Landowners appreciate that youth hunters are well prepared to hunt safely after completing Hunter Education.

Where can I find a Hunter Education class?

Please see the schedule published by Texas Parks and Wildlife at

When will I be contacted if my child is selected for a hunt?

If your child is selected you will get an email approximately 21-30 days before the hunt and then be contacted by the hunt master thereafter with further details.

If my child is not selected for a hunt will you notify me?

We do not notify non-selects, we just do not have the manpower to do that at this time. However, if a selected hunter cancels, you could still be selected as a replacement, in which, you will be contacted by email or phone.

How can I increase my child’s chance of getting selected?

Due to the numbers involved with having more applicants than spots on a given hunt, applying for multiple hunts will help us find a place for you. Additionally, you can participate in our “Refer-a-Friend” program, which means if you recruit a first time TYHP hunter and they are selected for a hunt, you can also be selected for the same hunt. Having your Hunter’s Education certification and Hunting License on file will also be advantageous. Please submit these documents via fax (210-524-9032) or email. Participating in the Adventure Hunt program is another way to increase hunting opportunities in our program, click on the link for more information about Adventure Hunts.

Can our whole family attend the hunt?

Additional guests are $50 each and requires approval in advance.

Do we have to stay the entire weekend?

Yes, for many reasons. TYHP is an educational experience, and many of the activities (e.g. Thank you letters, evaluations, concluding meeting) do not occur until after the last hunt session. Also, we ask participants to assist in leaving the ranch better than we found it by helping with cleanup. If someone leaves early the work load is not fair. Additionally, our cooks plan meals and purchase food for the entire weekend.

Will I get a refund if I cancel?

Refunds are not issued within 5 days of the hunt start date since supplies and food will have been purchased. If you have an emergency contact TYHP as soon as possible. We will decide if a refund is issued on a case by case basis.

What do I need to take on the hunt?

See to download the documents you will need to fill out and bring to the hunt as well as a checklist of supplies for the different types of hunts we offer.

Do I need to bring food?

All meals are provided. We provide water, tea, coffee and non-carbonated drinks. If you want sodas on the hunt you must bring your own.

Where will we sleep during the hunt?

Lodging is provided. Lodging ranges from the opportunity to put up a tent to accommodations in luxurious spaces, depending on what is available on the property being hunted, landowner wishes, and other logistics. Details regarding lodging is provided in the hunt description which you can find on our hunt schedule page.

Do I need to have my own firearm?

No, TYHP has firearms to loan, but make your request quickly after you have been selected for a hunt. You need to practice with the firearm you will use on the hunt within 14 days of the hunt date. Please print, follow the instructions on the certificate and bring the Marksmanship Certificate to the hunt.

What happens if my child harvests an animal? Who cleans it and how do I get it home?

If your child harvests an animal, he/she will learn how to field dress it and how to skin, quarter, pluck, etc. to prepare to transport the meat home. This is part of the educational design of TYHP. You will need to provide your own ice chest/cooler to transport meat home.

Which hunts are buck hunts?

TYHP does not identify which are buck hunts, and most of our deer hunts are for doe. We are an entry level hunting program with an emphasis on education, safety and conservation.

I signed up for an account but didn’t get the verification email, what do I do?

First, check your spam folder, if the verification email is not there please call our office at 210-930-2177.

I entered all my account information but still cannot apply for a hunt, what do I do?

Go to the account information page and fill in all fields that have an asterisk (*), then update the information. If you have done that and still cannot apply for hunts please call our office at 210-930-2177.

What do volunteers do and how can I become one?

It takes thousands of volunteer hours each year to make TYHP successful. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Assisting with hunt operations.
  • Cooking
  • Firearm instruction and supervising ranges
  • Conducting outdoor education
  • Serving as guides
  • Providing medical expertise

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